How Much Does Smoking Cigarettes Really Cost Me?

Smoking cigarettes can create quite an expense for many smokers. The cost of the cigarettes themselves can run anywhere from $136.00 per month on the cheap end to $300.00 per month on the higher end and that is calculating at only one pack of cigarettes per day. Many people smoke more than a pack per day and choosing the high end cigarettes to smoke makes that cost much more. You can see a smoking cost calculator at

How To Help Cut Costs Of Smoking

Many people are now using Electronic Cigarettes to help them slow down on smoking their regular cigarettes. This helps to save them money and will also allow them to smoke in an area that does not allow smoking. Most places will allow the use of these products even where smoking a real cigarette is not allowed. This product is batter powered with a rechargeable battery and will electronically deliver nicotine. As the user inhales, a vapor is released just as a real cigarette will release smoke. This vapor is generally heated by a heating element called an atomizer. This will vaporize the liquid that is most commonly used known as e-liquid. The liquid normally will either have nicotine in it or will have a fruit flavor for the smoker to enjoy. With using this unit along with the regular cigarettes it will cut down on the number of cigarettes that a person will smoke per day.

How Much Does Smoking Cigarettes Really Cost Me?

With the electronic cigarette there is a one time purchase price for the unit and then any e-liquids that the smoker prefers to use. Other than that, the product requires very little more if any investment making it way cheaper than purchasing cigarettes on a regular basis.

The Extra Cost Of Health Care

Not only is cigarette smoking expensive with the purchase of cigarettes, but the rise in health care seems to be greater with smoking. Many people that smoke cigarettes have a tendency to get different illnesses such as:

  •   Respiratory infections
  • Bronchitis
  • Pneumonia
  • COPD
  • Emphysema

With all of these risks many of us still choose to smoke our cigarettes. A lot of these issues start out with more colds and coughs than most people get. Gradually the cough gets worse and more serious illnesses develop causing many more doctor visits with an increase in treatments and medications.

Using the electronic products to help cut down on the number of regular cigarettes that a smoker will smoke per day is questionable. There is research going on to see the effects on the health of smokers using this type of products, but it is too early to determine whether they are safer than regular cigarettes or not.

Determining if the use of the electronic cigarettes is better for you is still waiting on the final results. Many people will say that they help them from coughing a lot and others will tell you that they really don’t see a lot of difference. Until the research comes back, it will have to be a choice you make on your own on if this product will help your to slow down on your smoking or if it is better for your health benefits to use the E Cigs.

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