Do electronic cigarettes work?

Many people are asking the question do electronic cigarettes work? The short answer to that question is yes. Electronic cigarettes are designed to simulate smoking while satisfying your nicotine cravings. For this purpose they work really well, however they should be used as a tool to quit smoking all together. Unfortunately, the only way they will work for this is if the person using them really wants to quit.

Before we answer the question of how do electronic cigarettes work, let’s first take a look at exactly what electronic cigarettes consist of. Electronic cigarettes are electronic devices that attempt to simulate the experience of smoking. They produce nicotine vapors, which while it hasn’t been proven 100% safe, it is much safer than real smoke. It is also not harmful for people who would experience second hand smoke. The components of electronic cigarettes consist of a cartridge, atomizer, and a battery. The cartridge is where the nicotine is delivered. The atomizer is the heating element and the battery powers the device.

Do electronic cigarettes work?

So how do electronic cigarettes work? Well the atomizer produces a water vapor that is flavored similar to tobacco. The nicotine is then added through the cartridge, and the end result is a very close experience to actual smoking. This is how electronic cigarettes work, but many people want to know do electronic cigarettes work to help you quit smoking? The answer to this is yes, but it takes a lot of effort on the smokers’ part. They do work better than the patch or gum because they satisfy the habit of smoking. More than just the nicotine addiction, smoking is the habit of putting something in your mouth and inhaling. No other nicotine delivery system addresses this part of smoking. You can also concern the Electronic Cigarettes review for more information.

However before you start questioning do electronic cigarettes work; you should understand that quitting smoking is not something to be taken lightly. You have to be 100% committed to the cause, and then you will have much greater success with tools such as electronic cigarettes. Don’t forget to slowly decrease the level of nicotine you are inhaling when you use electronic cigarettes. This will help you to slowly break your addiction to nicotine.

There are some people who have no desire to quit smoking and they just want to know do electronic cigarettes work to replace the real thing? Well the answer to this is yes, but if you have been smoking real tobacco for a long time, you might not be satisfied with electronic cigarettes. They are much safer, and they are very similar to real cigarettes, except for the fact that they stay one length. They don’t burn down. The vapor, while similar, does not feel like smoke when you inhale it. If you’re looking to make the switch to electronic cigarettes than every time you inhale the vapor just remind yourself that it is much safer than all of the harmful smoke that tobacco consists of. So the answer to the question do electronic cigarettes work is an astounding YES!

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